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Recent and Ongoing Projects

Evapotranspiration (ET) System

In February 2015, the UC Merced Grounds team installed an ET system to optimize irrigation. The system uses current and predicted weather conditions to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation. This system helps eliminate some of the guesswork for determining the correct amount of required water. We expect a 30 percent reduction in irrigation with this system.

Removal of Annual Plants

The UC Merced Grounds team has started to remove areas with annual plants. Removing annual plants help reduce water usage because it eliminates the additional watering required during the initial planting. The campus will select drought-tolerant landscape.

Central Plant Condenser Tower Operations

By adjusting the operations of our condenser towers, we have saved 5,000 gallons a day.

Report a Leak QR System

Facilities Management implemented a new system to streamline the reporting of leaks using QR codes. Leaks can be reported in less than 30 seconds by simply scanning codes near water fixtures.

The system is used in the Social Science and Management Building but will be rolled out across the campus in coming months.